Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Plenty of Magic" by Ann Stockdale (Blues Artist from Washington)

Ann Stockdale releases her latest Adult Contemporary CD, "Plenty of Magic," that is brimming with a beautiful collection of easy listening songs. Stockdale creates an album that is genuine about its roots and sounds as she gives the listener a beautiful blend of musical genres. The opener/title track, "Plenty of Magic," is bursting with soulful passion as this song has an easy flowing Bluesy appeal. "Macho Muchacho," is a fun loving song that has a delightful syncopated rhythm. One can feel the heart felt passion on the song, "Full Circuit," as Stockdale sings with an emotive voice. If you are a fan of Diana Krall or Joni Mitchell then you will really enjoy the excellent songs on the CD, "Plenty of Magic."

- Diane and the Reviewer Team 
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

"I" by Jahmings Maccow (Blues Artist from Los Angeles, CA)

Talented guitarist/vocalist, Jahmings Maccow, presents a breathtaking collection of Reggae/Blues music on the album, "I." Maccow is highly creative and his music is not only interesting but reaches well beyond its Reggae roots. The song, "Horizon Train," weaves a reflective, laid back feel as the touching vocals draws you in with its honest and soulful appeal. Taking on a Bluesy texture, "Passing Through," shimmers with insightful vocals, soulful guitar and organ, and a stirring walking bass riff. The title track, "I," is a relaxed orchestrated song with strong poetic lyrics. After listening to this wonderful album, you will find Maccow has created an album brimming with profound words of life's trials and tribulations and these words will seep into your soul. Fans of Reggae /Blues music will really enjoy the excellent songs on the CD, "I."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Monday, July 25, 2011

"Last Train Out" by The Human Project (Blues Artist from California)

The Human Project, also known as Loyd Vandergriff, releases another smoking hot Blues/Rock album, "Last Train Out." These finely crafted songs are jam packed with awesome Blues mixed with excellent Southern/Classic Rock. The opener, "Friday Thang," has a top tapping beat and is sure to be a crowd pleaser as it has some fun loving lyrics. You will like how Vandergriff incorporates accordion and fiddle on the song, "River Rock," to give it a Cajun/Zydeco feel and is another song that has a free spirited/party like intonation. Hold on to your seats as the blazing song, "Juke Joint Showdown," blisters with edgy vocals and searing guitar. Bob Seger or Tom Petty fans will find the powerful Blues/Rock album, "Last Train Out," thoroughly enjoyable and would definitely be a great addition to your Blues/Rock collection.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Can't Control Myself" by Gina Sicilia (Blues Artist from Pennsylvania)

Talent vocalist, Gina Sicilia, releases another superb Blues/R&B album, "Can't Control Myself." You will find Sicilia has a strong and powerful voice that can light up any song she sings. The collections of songs on this CD are sheer entertaining and will make you want to hear more from this gifted vocalist. The first track, "Addicted," instantly introduces you to a voice that has a polished soulful passion. Taking to a slower groove, the songs, "Members Only" and "As long As You're Here" will trickle gently into your heart and soul as Sicilia sings with compelling Bluesy vocals that is complemented fine instrumentation. The title track, "Can't Control Myself," has a catchy melody and a free flowing style. If you are into musical artists such as Bonnie Raitt or Grace Potter, then you will really enjoy the magnificent Blues/R&B songs on the CD, "Can't Control Myself."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Blues Nation" by Luther Badman Keith Blues Band (Blues Artist from Michigan)

Luther Badman Keith releases another excellent Blues CD, "Blues Nation." This album has a fantastic collection of Blues songs that are not only fun and energetic but well blended with colorful elements of Rock, Funk, and Soul. The song, "Blueswoman Looking for Love," grooves with a vibrant beat as Keith belts out some engaging lyrics. Taking the tempo down a few notches the song, "Cream In Your Coffee," features great vocals and guitar licks by Keith as his cast of musicians accompanies him with rootsy and soulful tonality. Another fun song, "Keep the Good Blues Bad," features a bold and bright horn section and crisp piano that fuse around Keith's strong and charismatic voice. Take a trip back in time when you hear the song, "What Happened To Rock N Roll," with Keith writing stylish lyrics to the great artists/songs of the 1950's. If you are looking for some fresh and original Blues, then you will really enjoy the terrific Blues album, "Blues Nation."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

"This Time I Got The Blues" by The BWB Show band (Blues Artist)

The BWB Show Band will delight you with their terrific Blues CD, "This Time I Got the Blues." This album has an outstanding collection of songs that is genuine about its Bluesy roots and keeps you entertained with its energetic passion. Not only are there great vocals, guitar, bass, piano/organ, and drums but you will also hear a bright and crisp horn section. The song, "Sombody lied," is embedded with soulful lyrics that are sung with a fiery style. The title track, "This Time I Got the Blues," features smooth vocals that are complemented by the silky horn riffs and blistering instruments. "Slippin and sliding," is a song that shows just what kind of fun and vibrant style this band has to offer. You will thoroughly enjoy the excellent mix of Blues on the album, "This Time I Got the Blues."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Monday, December 27, 2010

"Christina Goh Concept" by CHRISTINA GOH (World Artist from France)

Christina Goh releases another wonderful album, "Christina Goh Concept." This album contains excellent World music that has a smooth groove with emotive vocals. The album is not in the English language but one can hear the thought provoking vocals sing the melodies with crisp clarity and passionate soul. The song, "Mon le alle," has a sultry ambiance as Goh sings with appealing charm while the bass line moves with a punchy beat. A beautiful blend of instrumentation and vocals gives the song, "C'est un jeu," a lively, bouncy beat. The percussive drum on the song, "Soumaya," builds a silky beat as Goh sings this catchy tune with a fine stylish flair. If you like World music that is melodic and impresses with its soulful vocals, then the album, "Christina Goh Concept," is just what you need to hear.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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